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Using Computers Can Help Retain Our Memory

As we grow older, it’s important that we not only exercise our bodies, but our minds as well.  To remain sharp we need to read, do word puzzles, anything that exercises our brains and stimulates nerve cells.

We all know that walking daily helps keep our hearts fit, plus it boost our energy levels.  It’s easy as we age to simply want to sit and enjoy our days.  After all, we have spent several decades (or more) busily working and rushing about.  Retirement gives us the opportunity to finally live life at a leisurely pace.

The only problem with too, much relaxation is, our cognitive skills lessen and our muscles start to soften.  We’re fine with growing older, but we don’t want to be old.  If you don’t keep active you’ll find your good health deteriorating quickly.

Computers are wonderful!  Think of all the newspapers that are available online.  Any subject you are interested in, is available by simply turning on your computer.  Add to that the vast amount of books you can read and movies you can watch, it’s no wonder computers have become a main source of information and entertainment for all ages.

Dr. Yonas Geda, a physician with the Mayo Clinic in Arizona said, “the aging of baby boomers is projected to lead to a dramatic increase in the prevalence of dementia.  As frequent computer use has become increasingly common amongst all age groups, it is important to examine how computer use relates to aging and dementia”.

Mild cognitive impairment is a condition in which people experience noticeable declines in their cognitive function, including memory and language problems, but they are still able to perform everyday activities.  Using a computer may protect against memory loss late in life, as long as you also make sure to exercise regularly.

“Computer use and other mentally stimulating activities, may enhance connections in the brain, making it more resistant to damage” Geda said.  Researchers speculate that people who engage in both physical activity and computer use may be healthier, more disciplined individuals.  In other words, these activities may simply be a marker for a healthy lifestyle.

So turn off your TV and turn on your computer or find a good book to read.  Word games are fun, entertaining and are a great brain exerciser.  Living a long healthy life is possible, if we do all we can do to stay fit.  

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