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Celebrity Style at Home: Living Rooms Designed by the Stars

Step into the world of celebrity living with these stunning living rooms designed by Hollywood’s finest. From iconic actresses to beloved sitcom stars, these celebrities have showcased their unique styles through their home decor. Explore the elegant and sophisticated living room of Diane Keaton, where her love for classic design and vintage accents creates a timeless and charming space. Or delve into the luxurious and contemporary living room of Demi Moore, where sleek lines and modern furnishings exude Hollywood glamour. Jennifer Aniston’s chic and cozy living room features a blend of neutral tones and plush textures, creating a relaxed yet stylish ambiance. Meanwhile, Patricia Heaton’s inviting and family-friendly living room strikes the perfect balance between comfort and sophistication, with warm hues and comfortable seating arrangements. These celebrity-designed living rooms offer inspiration for anyone looking to infuse their home with a touch of star-studded style.

Celebrity Living Rooms!  Ever wonder how your decorating taste and style measures up to your favorite Hollywood star?  Keep in mind, most celebrities decorate their homes with the help of a professional interior designer, which let’s face it – makes a huge difference in the finished project.  Still, it’s fun to see the creative digs that the rich and famous call home.

Living room of Sting & Judie Styler London’s Townhouse. And yes, that is a Picasso hanging over the fireplace.

Living room of Cher’s LA home. Notice the pairing of ethnic and romantic furnishings and accessories. The black, white and creamy beige is quite complimentary.

Living room of Rob Lowe. This wonderful home is located along the Santa Barbara, CA coastline.

Living room of Demi Moore. This Beverly Hills home offers a peaceful and serene living environment.

Living room of Patricia Heaton. This 1920’s home is located in LA’s Hancock Park area.

Living room of Jennifer Aniston. The Beverly Hills home opens up to an inviting Koi pond with lighting, greenery and rock surround.

Living room of Gerard Butler, located in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. Lights of the city bring a magical touch to this comfortable designed home.

Living room of Diane Keaton. This Spanish Colonial Revial home is located in Beverly Hills, CA. Ms. Keaton is well known for her passion and dedication to authentic restoration.

Living room of Dennis Quaid. The country flair is self effident in this Rustic Canyon home located in LA.

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