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The Many Beautiful Shades Of Gray Hair

Editor  theplus50women

They say it takes a confident woman to wear gray hair.  I most certainly agree.  It’s not easy going gray in a world that values youth.  Gray hair symbolizes growing old, which let’s face it… who wants to be considered old?

I admire women who allow their gray hair to shine through.  Who do not succumb to the stereotyped, age discriminated propaganda that is forced fed to women, making us believe we look tired, old and unattractive in gray hair.  Gray hair, if you haven’t noticed, is the new blonde for women of age.

I too, have finally shorn my hair short, allowing the gray to come in naturally, as mother nature intended.  I marvel at the softness and brilliant shine of my gray hair.  I have never loved my hair more!

I started dying my hair when I was just 16 years old.  For the last 40 years, I have been blonde, red, burnet (light and dark), until I finally had forgotten what my natural color was.  My hair was dry, brittle and over processed.  I was long over due for a change.

Next time you are shopping, notice how many women are sporting gray hair.  You’ll be amazed at just how many different shades of gray there are.  Each shade is unique to the woman who wears it, enhancing her beauty and reaffirming the fact, that this woman is truly comfortable with who she is.  False pretenses are no longer necessary.  

Interesting Fact:  Hair dye manufactures do not offer gray hair dye.  You can however, dye your hair every imaginable shade of blonde, brown, black or red… but not gray.  Hair dye manufactures are missing out on a golden opportunity to capitalize on women wanting to go gray.  Going gray is not easy.  It takes months to blend your gray hair with your current color.  It’s a shame manufactures don’t realize just how beautiful gray hair is… or just how many women would buy their product, to ease the grow out process.  Not all of us want to “wash that gray right out of our hair”.  Some of us actually prefer gray.

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