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Hair As A Fashion Accessory

You might not think of hair as a fashion accessory, but it’s the first thing people notice about you.  A great hair cut should always be your number one priority.

When was the last time you took a long look in the mirror at your hair style?  If you are still wearing a Farrah Fawcett do… you are dating yourself.  Or my personal favorite, Dorothy Hamilton’s chin length bob.  I can still see Dorothy Hamilton gliding across the ice, with the grace and athletic precision of a world champion ice skater.  I wore her hair cut off and on for 20 years.  Just the mention of Dorothy Hamilton’s bob sets off the urge for me to duplicate her famous hair do once more.  Old hair styles die hard.

Which is exactly why so many people date themselves with their hair cuts.  We’re all stuck in the time era of our youth.  It’s hard to embrace modern do’s, specially when there is no emotional attachment to the hair cut.

One piece of good news, women are choosing…. yes… I said choosing… to go gray.  For years we have struggled to keep those unruly gray hairs hidden from the world, thinking our age will remain a secret, as long as our gray hairs are never exposed.  That of course, is a cruel myth concocted by the hair dye industry.  What 80 year old woman sporting dark hair ever made you think she was 30?  Or 40?  Or 50?

Society has taught us that gray hair signals old age, death, decaying of lives, lack of sexuality; thereby devaluing our lives and our self worth.  And as intelligent women we have bought in to that nonsense!  Why not allow your natural color to shine through?  Gray hair is not the end, it’s simply the continuation of a fabulous life in progress…yours!  

What It Looks Like To Go Gray….

To go gray gracefully (is there any such thing?), experts recommend a short hair cut.  The shorter the better.  I personally, love Jamie Lee Curtis’s hair cut, but it’s not for everyone. 

If you can’t bare to cut your hair this short, the next best step to take,  is to use a semi-permanent hair dye until your gray hair grows out.  If you have long hair, this can take awhile.  However, by using a semi-permanent dye, you will forego the horrors of gray roots, which can be very difficult to deal with. 

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