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Creating A Beautiful, Functional Garden With Little Or No Yard Space.

All You Need Is A Small Patio Or Open Space.

Life is forever changing and evolving.  Most of us have gone from large back yards to small fenced in patio areas.  Yet we still crave the beauty of the flower garden, along with  the practicability of raising our own vegetables.

No longer do you have to plant the formidable, labor intensive gardens of the past, to enjoy the serenity of a lush, flowering haven.  With a little creativity, you can create a vibrant flower garden or a productive vegetable garden in the minimalist of areas.  Less space, time, work, water and supplies!  

Vertical gardens are all the rage!  You can use anything that creates a holder for your soil and plant.  Be creative!  Dig through your garage and see what you can find.  Unconventional works every time.

Vertical gardens are ideal for very small areas, where you don’t have the luxury of planting in the ground, or creating box containers for your garden to grow in.  Simply hang your vertical garden on the back of your house or apartment, on a fence, a wall, any structure that can hold the weight of watered soil.  No weeding required!

Hang your garden on the fence!  Or simply lean your garden up against the fence for support.

Try hanging your garden underneath your patio or from tree branches in the back yard! 

Flower pots, box containers, rocks and decking!  A maintenance free yard!

Use steps to place your potted plants on!  An easy, fast way to add color to any area of your yard.

How about a water garden, built in a box container?  Creativity is the key in designing livable, enjoyable and functional gardens.

Discard the notion that you have to dig deep in to the earth to create a garden.  The truth is, you can build a visually stunning sanctuary anywhere, out of anything! 

This vertical gardener has taken full advantage of towering fence in their back yard.  Just imagine how many vegetables this garden will yield!

Small outdoor areas that can be easily transformed in to viable gardening centers.  There is nothing small about the big results of vertical or container gardens!

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