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Living Longer By Eating Less?

The Calorie Restriction Diet requires you to eat 30% less then the recommended calories for your age and gender.  Does this diet/lifestyle work?  I have no idea, but I find the possibility interesting.  As with all diet programs you should check with your doctor first to make sure the diet will be a healthy choice.  Studies of calorie restriction have shown a remarkable improvement in the overall physical health of monkey’s who have participated in the calorie restriction programs.  Will these benefits be the same for humans?   And do we want to live longer if it means giving up  foods we love?  Gone are the cheese burgers, the fries, the milk shakes, the chocolate treats and the country style foods we grew up on.  Instead your diet will consist of fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean meats and tons of greens.  Would you trade your favorite foods to live longer and healthier?   

Getting Started

What is Calorie Restriction (CR)?

The goal of Calorie Restriction is to achieve a longer and healthier life by

  • eating fewer calories
  • consuming adequate vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients

Extensive scientific research has shown that a CR diet improves the health and extends the lifespan of every species so far tested, including worms, spiders, rodents, dogs, cows and monkeys. We believe that people who adopt a CR diet will see the same results longer life and better health.

When I was young I swore I’d never sub come to cosmetic surgery.  I would grow old gracefully as mother nature intended.  What an easy promise to make when you are young, firm and equipped with toned body parts and a youthful face.   As you grow older and your mirror becomes less kind to you, it’s difficult to remain steadfast about promises made 30 years prior in the blissful state of youth.

Over the years I have fantasized about lifting  my body from my toes up, but lack of funds and courage have sidelined my aspirations every time.  I rationalized what would be worse;  looking my age or like a slightly warped version of myself if the procedure went wrong.  Those who are blessed with good luck in life, they march courageously to the nearest plastic surgeon where their bodies are tucked, pulled, stapled, cut and inserted with foreign matter designed to make them look 20 years younger.  Sometimes that works brilliantly; sometimes it doesn’t.  Those of us who are cursed with bad luck would encounter the later.   My mother has sworn for years our family tree was cursed by gypsy’s and having lived 54 turbulent filled years, I trust my mother’s assessment of our family tree without question.

Ultimately, the decision to adopt a Calorie Restriction (CR) diet is deeply personal and depends on individual priorities and lifestyle choices. While scientific studies, particularly those involving animals, suggest that CR can lead to longer and healthier lives, the trade-off involves forgoing many of the culinary pleasures we hold dear. Before making such a significant change, it’s crucial to consult with a healthcare professional to ensure it’s a safe and suitable option for you. Balancing longevity and quality of life, including the enjoyment of favorite foods, is a complex and nuanced decision. Whether you choose to embark on a CR diet or seek other paths to health and wellness, the key is finding a sustainable approach that aligns with your goals and brings you joy. After all, a fulfilling life is about more than just the number of years lived—it’s about savoring each moment, meal, and memory along the way.

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