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What’s Your Signature Style? Exploring Fashionable Clothing for Women

What is your personal style?  Are you quirky like Diane Keaton?  Casual eloquent like Julianne Moore?  Or simply divine as is Judi Dench?  Our fashion changes with time, just as everything else in our lives change.  Embrace your age with warmth, style and grace.  You are truly beautiful, just as you are.

Who doesn’t love handbags?  I have boxes full of purses I’ve accumulated over the years.  Do I need more?  No.  Do I still buy more?  Of course I do.  Instead of buying art to hang on my wall, I buy gorgeous purses to carry on my arm.

Wearing the right pair of shoes, can make all the difference in how your outfit looks.   The trick is, to find comfortable shoes that you can walk in all day long.  My favorite is Mary Janes with low heels and a padded sole.

What color of pants do you own the most pairs of?  Would you be surprised to learn that black is the #1 color sold?  That’s because black is slimming and can be worn casually or for dress.

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