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To loose weight, dine on vegetables, fruits and lean meats, such as turkey and chicken.  Add exercise to the mix and within no time, you will find yourself loosing weight and feeling great again.  Being fit means staying well.  As we age, we are more prone to heart attacks and strokes.  Walk each day, even if it's just around the block.  Reach down and touch your toes.  Keep moving.  Every time you walk, reach up to grab something off a shelf, make the bed or go shopping, you are burning calories. The trick is not to spend your entire day in a chair (at work or at home).  Staying active is the keep to living a long healthy life, free of disabilities that can rob us of fun in our retirement years.  Start living well today and enjoy your life!

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Dieting is never easy, but if we want to remain healthy for life, we have to keep our weight under control.  We also have to exercise on a daily basis, even if it's only for 15 minutes a day.  A great form of exercising is walking!  If you own a dog, take your dog for a walk at the nearest park.  Own a camera?  Take photos  of mother nature as you enjoy the beauty around you.  The trick to exercising on a daily basis, is to keep it interesting and fun.  So get up off that couch, put on your tennis shoes and take a walk around your neighborhood.  Better yet?  Convince a friend to walk with you.  The time will fly by when you have a partner.

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There all kinds of exercise videos you can buy, so that you can work on your fitness level from home.  Or, you can join a gym and exercise with a group of friends.  Some of us are self motivated, so exercising at home works great.  Others of us need a little encouragement to keep ourselves moving forward with our exercise routine.  Also included in the portion of Health and Fitness, are videos on health issues we should all be aware of.  Being healthy deals with both our emotional and physical health. 

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Eating healthy is a big part of keeping our weight under control. Once you reach your ideal weight, you can splurge and have a treat or two. Life is no fun if you can't enjoy the foods you love. Just be sure to keep to your schedule calorie in take. If you have a delicious, calorie filled lunch, cut back on dinner. Do treat yourself to that fresh cookie right out of the oven (does anything taste better?), just don't eat 12 cookies. Moderation and common sense is the key to a healthy diet and keeping the extra pounds off.

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Exercise Can Be Fun! Go Paddling With A Friend And Enjoy The Great Outdoors!

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