Say Grace Publishing LLC Privacy Policy
Say Grace Publishing does not sell email addresses, customer's names or their personal information for profit.  All email contact information is kept confidential in-house.  We do not place tracking cookies on our customers to trace their steps across the Internet.   Say Grace Publishing however, does work with law enforcement as required by law.  Information provided to Say Grace Publishing will be turned over to the proper authorities should a legal request be warranted.  To better serve our customers, we do use google analytics to determine the popularity of certain articles and the ease at which customers can move about on our website. That information is kept in-house and private.

Affiliate advertisers displaying ads on Say Grace Publishing have their own privacy policy.  Before clicking on an ad, you may wish to research the affiliate advertisers privacy policy first.  Say Grace Publishing has no ownership or control over affiliate ads privacy polices displayed on our websites.  We accept no liability or personal responsibility for third party clicks on an affiliate ad.  All individuals do so at their own risk.

Say Grace Publishing employs freelance writers.  Freelance writers guarantee to SGP that they retain full ownership of documents, articles and images provided to SGP for publication. If copyrighted material is displayed on SGP, please address your concerns to the corporate address stated below.  Verification of ownership of disputed material must be provided to SGP for proof of ownership.  Copyrighted material will be moved immediately once material has been verified.  SGP takes copyright ownership very seriously and abides by all copyright laws.

We value our customer's privacy and their right to enjoy said privacy.  Have questions about our privacy policy?  Please address those concerns to our corporate office.

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Please Note: SGP Privacy Policy May Update Without Notice.  Current Privacy Policy Governs Users Access To  Say Grace Publishing LLC Is A Privately Held Corporation.