Fans of BBC Series!  There are some amazingly, wonderful shows on BBC.  If you have never watched a BBC series, you are in for a treat!  The acting is delightful and BBC actually features mostly older actors in their series, which those of us over 50, really appreciate.  Finally mature, intelligent story lines and actors worth watching!

A few of our personal favorites are "Last Tango In Halifax", which actually is centered on a couple in their 70's who managed to find each other after 60 years a part.  The family of the couple are more then fun to watch, with their own totally dysfunctional lives and families.  Do watch "Last Tango In Halifax".  You'll be glad you did.

  Vera - Weta Series
Based on author Ann Cleeves series of popular novels, the drama follows obsessive Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope as she tires to crack some of hte toughtest cases in Northumpberland alongside her trusted right-hand man and surrogate son, Joe Ashworth.  Stars Brenda Blethyn and David Leon are, both back as the series leads.  Learn More About This Series

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  Doc Martin - WETA Series
Doc Martin stars Martin Clunes as the brash "Doc" Martin Ellingham who finds himself back home in a Cornish village after his illustrious medical career in London goes awry. The townspeople are not used to the doctor's blunt opinions and insensitive manners, often leading to mayhem in the town of Portwenn.  Caroline Catz plays school teacher Louisa Glasson for whom Dock Martin finds it difficult to express his romantic feelings. Watch a clip from the first episode

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  New Tricks - BBC Series
Drama featuring an eccentric group of ex-police officers brought out of retirement to investigate unsolved crimes. With a major shake up in the cast, the show is still viable, entertaining and well acted. There is a new DCI (Sasha Miller)
running the Unsolved Crime and Unsolved Case Quad, played by Tamzin Outhwaite.  Watch a clip and learn more about this show at BBC-New Tricks.

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