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Travel 50 And Over

What Is Your Idea Of Travel?

Traveling for some of us means taking off to unknown parts of the world.  Europe, Greece, Spain or India. For others  it means investigating and discovering amazing sights in the USA.  New York, San Francisco, The Grand Canyon, Seattle, Chicago and Hawaii are just a few of the must see places here in the USA.  Wherever you plan to travel, don’t forget your camera!

Seniors And Travel Destinations

When we talk senior travel, we don’t mean snoozers … no shuffleboard and checkers! Seniors appreciate the adventure of travel probably more than any other group. Seniors understand the importance of lifelong learning and truly love the cultural enrichment of traveling. You finally have the free time so are you ready to experience new places?

And who better to travel with seniors than other seniors with similar interests? Maybe you have a favorite place you have been longing to see. Possibly you want to take a senior vacation to Niagara Falls or Mount Rushmore because you’ve never had the luxury until now to travel. Take advantage of the senior discounts and the flexibility to travel off times and in off months

Ever Thought Of House Sitting Or House Swapping?

An inexpensive way to visit exciting new destinations is to house sit.  Many people travel
for business or pleasure, leaving their homes vacant while they are gone.  By having a dependable party house sit, the plants are watered, the yard is mowed and the home is secured from burglars.  House sitting can last a week, up to a year!  Free lodging in exchange for a bit of yard and house work, is a great trade off.

You can also swap homes with like minded individuals.  There are numerous web sites online devoted to house swapping.  Take all reasonable precautions to make sure the party you swap with have a good track record.  We recommend using a credible web site for this transaction.

Rick Steves Travel Europe Videos

Watch Rick Steves Travel Europe, The Complete Video Series.  See Europe From The Comfort Of Your Home.

Videos Of USA Travel Destinations

Watch videos of some of our favorite USA destinations.  San Francisco, New York, the Grand Canyon, Seattle, Chicago, Miami and more.  Travel the USA from the comfort of your home.

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