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Ten Steps On “How to Keep A Loving Relationship”

1.  Patience
Learn to relax and keep positive, letting  go of the negative and thinking about the positive. 

2.  Communicate Without fear and openness, let your partner know what you expect and how you would like to be treated. 

3.  Laughter
Make sure you have a smile on your face, let your partner know that they make you happy and you want to make them happy as well.

4.  Learning to back off
Don’t allow  the negative habits  to annoy you, think about the positive traits your partner has to offer and let the little annoying things go.

5.  Romance
 Think of love constantly, make every chance you get to make it a loving one. Re-inforce the love you have and keep in mind that you both are special.

6.  Sharing
Make time for love, respect, trust and appreciate one another. Quality time and time for lovemaking will deepen the intimate passion you have for one another.

7.  Being confident Know that you are special and are sharing it with someone just as unique, trust that you are creating a bond that no one can break and you are making it stronger.

8.  Think before speaking
Don’t allow hurtful words to be spoken, keep in mind that your goal is to create a loving and healthy environment. When hurtful words come out it might give you a sense of satisfaction to get back at your partner but, ultimately you will only find yourself filled with resentment.

9. Control anger Learn not too intimidate your partner try not to manipulate them in any way. Anger builds up and creates a sense of inferiority, allowing anger to build will only build bigger walls.

10. Don’t pass judgement
Never criticize or talk bad about your loved one. Bite your tongue. Never make them feel as though they are not worth being loved. Let them know that you are on their side no matter what.

Everyone needs love, if you are tired of negative behavior and negative effects, then it is time for you to try a different approach. Nothing changes unless you take action.

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