Monday, July 22, 2024

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Finding Joy And Happiness In Our Everyday Lives.

For some it’s long walks, movies and dinner out, sitting quietly and reading, fishing, hunting, painting, playing an instrument or even photography. The list is never ending and it can include something as simple as waking to a quiet house on Sunday, to free fall sky diving. We need moments in our life when family, work and friends are silent. When we indulge our creativity, nourish our souls and are at one with the world. Life is complicated, hectic and loud. It’s easy to loose your inner self, that child that lives within us who is still curious about life. Take time to step away from life’s responsibilities and let yourself breathe. Let your worries vanish in to thin air. Breathe in… breathe out… release and let go. You will live a much longer and happier life.

How do we know when a photograph is really good?

When it speaks to us without words.  When our gaze is fixated on the photograph because it stirs our emotions;  happiness, sadness, loss or simply leaves us stunned by the captured image. 

Excellence in art, be it photography, painting, writing, acting, singing or dancing, is not easily achieved. Therefore, when we experience an emotional reaction to an art form, that artist has successfully engaged us with his message.  How we respond to art is unique to each of us, partly due to our life experiences, and partly due to our personal vision of the
world as we view it.  Art in all it’s form is enriching, rewarding and worthwhile.  The possibility of achieving excellence in our endeavors, is the fuel that drives our passion and our creativity, so that we continually strive to improve our craft.  

Breath Taking Photos That Capture The Beauty And Grandeur Of The World.

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