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Digital Photography For The Hobbyist

If you are retired or getting close to retirement, you may be wondering how to spend your spare time. Finding a hobby or pastime that you can do year round, in any weather can be hard to find. If you have time on your hands or are looking for something to do in your spare time, a digital photography hobby may be right for you.

You have probably taken photos in the past and apart from the cost of the film, you had to pay to have the film developed – even when the pictures were poor quality. You also had to wait to see the results of your camera skills.

It would be great, to not have to buy film, not have to pay for development and not have to wait at all to see the results of your handiwork. Now you can, with digital photography.

What are the benefits of digital photography as a hobby?  

  1. Digital photography can be very inexpensive at entry level. A small, 6 megapixel camera with only 128mb memory is enough to start you on the road to artistic pleasure.
  2. Niche photography: landscapes, wildlife, portraits or even auto mechanics can become an area that you want to work in. Whatever interest you already have, you can extend through photography.
  3. It is a year round hobby. Think of the different seasons if your penchant is for landscapes or the different birds and animals that migrate with the seasons.
  4. Digital cameras can be used indoors or outside. Consider the use of flash in your photography.
  5. Photograph manipulation: with the use of computer software, a mediocre picture can evolve into a masterpiece. From simple light and contrast enhancement to cropping, cutting and pasting from one picture to another, picture change and take on new meaning. Imagine a picture of a little girl blowing bubbles but the bubbles are filled with favorite toys that have been cut from another picture. The possibilities of photograph manipulation are endless.
  6. Turn your hobby into a moneymaker. Photograph items that friends or neighbors want to sell online through an auction or Craigslist. One of the greatest benefits of a digital camera is the ability to look at the picture as soon as you have taken it. If you do not like it, take another picture from a different angle or using a different camera setting. Digital cameras have an LCD screen with which to view the picture immediately and make your choice. Most cameras have pre-programmed settings that allow for macro or close-up photography and fast settings to capture sporting events that would be blurred on a regular setting. Some cameras allow you to program your own settings for focus and speed.

When your cameras memory is full, copy the pictures to a computer and then delete the pictures from the camera. This will give free memory space to capture more pictures without the cost of having to buy more film.

A digital photography hobby is something that will keep you engrossed for many years. There are so many interesting areas to learn about.  

  • Digital Camera Sensors
  • Digital meters and exposure
  • Lens filters
  • Depth of field
  • Lens flare
  • Dynamic range. The list goes on. You do not have to learn any of this, you may just want to point and shoot but if you really want this to be your hobby, you will never stop learning digital photography.

Consider joining a photographic club in your area to pick up hints and tips. You may even enter some of your works into competitions – and win. Who knows?

Whatever you do, wherever you go, a digital photography hobby will capture the moment. Enjoy it.

Thank you to Ian Patterson for this “Digital Photography Hobby” article

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