Monday, July 22, 2024

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Smart Animals, Dumb Owners

Is anyone else addicted to the animal channel?  I love “Dogs 101”, or “It’s Me Or The Dog”.  A new show just out is “Dogs In The City”.  What is the underlining truth for each show, is that it’s not the dog that is having issues, but the owner.  We inadvertently pass on our anxieties to our pets.  We also fail to communicate clearly to our animals, the task we are hoping they will comprehend and perform.  

Dogs, having been domesticated 15,000 years ago, are very smart and in tuned to their masters.  They’re also very loyal and caring.  It breaks my heart to see the number of animals wasting away at animal shelters.  Our local animal shelter recent built a 14,000 sq foot facility, but when you walk through the shelter, there are barely any animals.  Why?  Most are put down because the shelter lacks the funds to provide the care they need.  Donations instead of going to the animals, are going to maintain the large, extravagant new facility.  Think of the cost to heat and cool that large of a building, not to mention the annual taxes.  Who looses out?  The animals do, the very reason the shelter exists.  

The building through donations was “free”, but the continual cost of upkeep is not.  If the shelter was experiencing financial difficulty maintaining a 5,000 sq ft facility, why in the world did they think they would have enough funds to pay for a 14,000 sq ft facility, plus house and feed double or triple the animal population?  As usual, it’s man’s stupidity that undermines the well being of the very creatures they are suppose to protect and serve.

I am a proud parent of a dog and a cat.  I love them both dearly.  However, being an animal owner is not for everyone.  Animals are expensive, time consuming and high maintenance.  When adopting a pet, you are adopting an animal who is totally dependent upon you.  Animals need love and attention every day, not just when you feel like it or have time available.  They need fresh water and food daily, along with regular exercise and play time.  When animals are neglected, that’s when they get in to trouble.  Does your animal behave badly?  Look in the mirror.  The reason may be you!  How much attention do you devote to your pet daily?  Do you reward your pet for good behavior, or only scold them for bad behavior? 

There is no greater love, then the love your animal blesses upon you.  All they ask in return, is that you are kind, loving and attentive to them.  A small price to pay for the enormous joy they bring to our lives.  Did you know that caring for an animal can lower your blood pressure and increase the longevity of your life?  Studies show that caring for a pet can increase your life expectancy by up to 3 years. That is why it is 
recommended for seniors who are physically and financially able, to adopt a cat or small dog to keep them company.  Animals not only provide us with an instant best friend, but they also improve the quality of our life.

Have you hugged your pet today?

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