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Fashion For Your Home!

Home fashion encompasses everything you purchase to make the four walls you call a house a home.  From the color of the paint on the walls, to the pillows on your sofa.  Every product you buy, moves you one step closer to creating an inviting, relaxing, warm and enjoyable living environment.  One thing for sure – we all need our spot in the world, someplace that is just ours.  Whether your home is a 10,000 sq ft mansion on a hillside with a breath taking view, or a 34′ RV parked at a KOA camp, home for each us of  is where our heart lives.

We hope you enjoy some of our creative ideas of how to create that wonderful, enriching home environment that we all crave.  Home should be our safe haven, filled with personal treasures that bring us joy and serenity.

Nothing changes an office space more, then adding stylish office furniture.  I absolutely love the fact that office furniture no longer has to look (and feel) like office seating.  The wood trim or the extra padded seating is a definite winner.

Extra Tall 7 Drawer Dresser! We Love This Dresser For It’s Overall Size And Holding Capacity.  Who Doesn’t Need Extra Storage Space.  Great For A Walk In Closet.

The new trend is a white cabinet with multiple wood finishes for the drawers.  Notice the variance in drawer handle designs as well.  This cabinet is both highly functional and highly creative in design.  This cabinet would work well in every room of your home.  And with the multiple wood finishing, it will match your existing wood furniture with ease.

colorful bedrooms

Thinking about adding color to your living room, kitchen, bathroom or bedroom? Then you are not alone.  Check out these colorful rooms where the wildest of colors are combined and the results are stunningly beautiful!  Why do we fear color?  See the results for yourself!
Colorful Rooms

Not ready to embrace brightly painted rooms?  Are subtle and soothing colors more to your liking?  Then check out these warm, relaxing and inviting rooms, designed for monotone lovers!           Monotone Living-rooms

shag carpet

The Shag Carpet Has Returned! This is not the shag carpet that we remember from the 70’s.  Shag carpets today are soft, plush, warm and inviting.  The very feel of shag underneath your feet creates a homey feeling. 

log holder

Here Is The Perfect Log Holder! With cold weather setting in, this log rack is the perfect size for front entry areas, patios or inside your garage.  It stacks enough wood to keep your home burning warm for several nights. 

square clock

Not All Clocks Are Round!  Sometimes it is good to be square.

With fall and winter on our door step, our attention turns to making the indoors as warm and comfortable as possible.  Throw blankets are a great way to add warmth while sitting in your favorite chair reading or watching TV.  Add soft shag rugs to your hardwood or tile flooring, to keep your feet comfy.  Insulating curtains are a great way to block out the winter cold.  And if you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, nothing feels as wonderful as a roaring fire on a icy, cold winters day.    

Clock Enthusiast, Rejoice!  We love unusual clocks.  Want to make a statement in your home? Choose a clock with character and charm.  With so many varieties of clocks to choose from, it’s no wonder clock collectors are everywhere.

silver custom clock
snow flake shape clock
to do list clock

How many clocks do you own?  It you are like most people, you have at least one clock (sometimes two) in each room of your home. 

circle clock 1
circle flag clock
circle clock 2
firewood rack1
firewood rack2
firewood rack3

Firewood Racks In (3) Styles And Sizes.  A Great Way To Organize Your Logs For Your Fire Pit Or Wood Stove.

fire pit
fire pit
fire pit

Enjoy your backyard this  winter by adding a Fire Pit.  Gather the family and enjoy the outdoors in all it’s wonder and glory.

Be Bold And Add Color To Your Life!
Trying new things take courage.  Especially, when we are used to the same old color scheme we have decorated with for years.  Breaking out of our comfort zone by purchasing new fabrics, cheerful wall paint and decorative art work for our walls, can leave us nervous and worried.  But once the project is completed, we think you will agree, that the bright colors will lift our spirits and leave us feeling invigorated!

We hope you find the following decorating ideas helpful in designing your own home.  Start out small, adding cheerful, colorful amenities.  Over time, you will find your home filled with festive, lively and enjoyable decor.

colorful bedrooms

Colorful Bedrooms

When you consider how much time we spend sleeping, our bedrooms should provide us with not only comfort, but it should be a room we want to spend time in.  Make your bedroom feel like you are on holiday retreat! 

monotone livingrooms

Monotone Living rooms

View our wonderful selection of monotone living rooms!  All are rich and eloquent in nature.  For a boost – add bold, textured pillows as a center piece.

colorful bathrooms

Colorful Bathrooms

The bathroom is a great room to start with, when trying out different color hues, wall paper and wall decorations.  If you have a small bathroom, a cheerfully decorated bathroom, makes that room stand out!

colorful kitchens

Colorful Kitchens

Think of a theme for your kitchen and find accessories (cookie jars, photos, etc) to match that theme.  Talk about fun!

colorful living rooms

Colorful Living Rooms

Bright colors make us feel happy! Just looking at the gorgeous colors in this living room improves our disposition!

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