Were you married for a minimum of 10 years, divorced and never remarried (before age 60? Marriage after age 60 doesn't count)? 

If so, did you know you can collect up to the full amount of your ex's Social Security payments?

Let's say your current Social Security payment is $800.00 a month, but during the time period you were married, your ex's Social Security payment would have been $1200.00 a month.  Social Security will add $400.00 to your $800.00 payment to equal the $1200.00.

Of course, to receive the additional sum, your ex will have to be deceased, but keep in mind... whenever he passes, your monthly Social Security payments increase for life!  Your ex remarrying does not alter your monthly payments!  Payments are based on the time period you were married.  Same applies for the new wife.

Learn all you can about Social Security by visiting the Social Security web site!  Click the link below!


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