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Why Friends Are Important

Do we ever out grow the need for friends? Retiring can find us moving to new places and leaving old friends behind. Or our friends could be co-workers that we drift away from once we leave the work place. Retiring changes the dynamics of our world, including our closest relationships.  No matter how old we become, friendship is important. We all need someone who enjoys the same activities that we do, that we can call during good times and bad, who genuinely understands and cares about us.  For good overall health, friendship plays an important role.  As we grow older, we rely upon our friends even more.  Having someone to laugh with, walk with and enjoy daily pleasures is as important mentally as it is physically.  Friends make the world a better place to live and offer us comfort and support when we need it.

Why Is Having A Female Friend Important?

I think the most important thing about having a girl friend, is you need someone whom you can confide your secrets with.  There are certain things you can’t tell your husband, or mother or father, or your children.  You need someone you can be honest with, who will listen and not judge you. We need someone who can offer us advise, who really listens to our problems and concerns.  Husbands try to listen, but generally they’re the last person women trust their deepest secrets to. 

Our children look up to us as role models.  They lean on us and expect us to solve the world’s problems.  Learning that we have our own issues to solve, doesn’t bow well with them.  Plus there are just certain subjects you can’t share with your children.

Mothers are generally good listeners, but let’s face it; there are just somethings we don’t want our mothers to know about us.  And of course, not all of us have mothers who would take the time to listen to our troubles.

That’s where female friends come in to play.  We have each other’s back.  We are there for each other.  We can share our deepest, darkest secrets and still be accepted and loved for who we are.  We all need women friends who rally around us, support us and allow us to be human.

Best Friends For Life.  Whether You Want To Be Or Not.  You Just Sort of Stick Together Like Glue.

Jenny has been my best friend since we met at our children’s elementary school in 1985.  She arrived  that first day with cupcakes for the children and cheese and crackers for the mothers.  What wasn’t to love? Her kindness and thoughtfulness was what attracted me to her.  Throughout our 27 years of friendship, those traits have never wavered.

Our children have grown up and left home; we both divorced our husbands; dated men who never made the grade; and now in our late 50’s, we still persevere onward and upward… together.

I envisioned myself married at this stage of my life.  To find that I am single (18 years and counting) and planning my retirement on my own, is quite surprising.  Nothing in my life has gone as I had expected (or hoped).  All the plans I made in my youth went out the window years ago.  Although the one constant I have been blessed with, is a dear friend to walk the rocky path of life with me.  

I firmly believe when we are old(er), Jenny and I will spend our days enjoying life’s adventures together.  I see us traveling the world, welcoming grandchildren, planning holidays; just as two old married people would.  Only there will be no arguments about where we travel to, or which restaurants we dine at, or even how much money is spent.  Which is why I’ve never remarried.  My life is my own and I love that fact. 

The reality is, life seldom works out the way you planned.  I mapped out my entire life when I was 24 years old. I honestly believed I could stay the course.  What I didn’t plan on was the sharp corners in the road, the broken dams, the hail storms and category four tornado’s that blew through my world.  

Life is what you make it.  Stuff happens, that’s just how it goes. So I choose happiness, I choose freedom and I choose my best friend.  I hope if you are reading this article, you too, have been blessed with a best friend. A best friend who despite all your faults, still likes you just the way you are. 

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