Raising Grandchildren And Keeping Your Sanity
Think you're alone raising your grandchildren?  Not so.  There are over 2.4 million grandparents raising grandchildren in the US.  Many times the reasoning for grandparents taking on the rearing of grandchildren is because their own children are dealing with addictions; alcohol, drug abuse, mental issues, loss of employment, divorce or domestic violence.  Whatever reason you find yourself back in the parenting game, there are resources available to help you.

Support groups are a wonderful way to meet other grandparents dealing with the same stress and pressures that you are.  As much as you love your grandchildren, supporting those grandchildren can create a financial and emotional hardship.  Discussing your feelings with others who share the same burdens as you do, does help.  Having an independent third party listens to your complaints, who doesn't judge your feelings, helps release anxiety and any pent up anger you may be  feeling.   It's not only okay to feel angry about the circumstances imposed upon you, but it's totally natural to feel a certain amount of distress.   Unless you're up for saint hood, you can't help but feel anxious about parenting young children again, regardless of how much you love them.

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147 %. The Projected Percentage That
Seniors 65 Or Older Will Increase By 2050.

 The Entire US Population Is Expected To Increase By Just 49% During The Same Period.

974 Million: Total Worldwide Senior Population By 2030. Census Bureau Projection.

3.7 Million: Number Of Foreign-born US Residents Who Were 65 In 2004.

12%. Percentage Of Seniors 65 Or Older In 2004.

483 Million: Current Senior Population Of People Age 65 And Older In The World.

Generation X: 1966-1979. 41 Million Generation X'ers Were Born In That Era.

28% Of The American Population Are Baby Boomers.
Raising Grandchildren
by Alden Smith

In today's supercharged society, you never know from one day to the next what your life position will be.  Things change quickly, even now that you are a senior and are used to a slower paced life.  It is not unusual for grandparents to raise their grandchildren. The number doing so has almost doubled since 1970, according to the Ohio State
University Extension.  It affects all ethnic groups and income levels across the nation.  This article focuses on grandparents raising grandchildren, some statistics, and where help and support can be found.

The Facts

Because the census is taken only once every 10 years, the data is a bit skewed.  Still, we can see that the increase of grandparents raising grandkids is rising.  In 1970, 2.2 million or 3.2 percent of American children lived in a household maintained by a grandparent.  In 1997, this figure rose to 3.9 million or 5.5 percent, representing a 76 percent increase over the 27 year period.  This increase is not defined by whether or not the parents of the grandchildren were present in the home.  Currently, 1.4 million children, or almost 1 in 20, live in a household headed by their grandparents with no parent present.

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