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It's amazing all the bargains that can be found, if you just look! I frequent outlet stores for everything I buy.  I check for coupons and sales; I do my homework before I spend my cash.  The amount of money you can save is astounding, not to mention it's fun to hunt for bargains.  And yes - every so often I pay full fare, when I find that absolutely perfect item I can't live without.  Too, many times I waited for a sale that never came.  Or worse yet, a sale that arrived, only my item had long since sold out.  No more!  When you find a treasure - snap it up, load it in the car and take it home - regardless of the cost!

It's Cold Outside! 
And when it's cold, I want to cover myself in warm, comfy, soft pajamas.  I own (2) pairs of pj's with feet and I absolutely love them.  If the covers fall off in the middle of the night, it's no problem, because I am already snuggled warm in my pajamas.   And of course, if having feet in your pj's is just taking it too, far for your comfort level, you can always choose a regular pair of fleece pj's.  Either way, bundle up for the cold wintery nights.
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Make up and skin mositurizers.  As we change seasons, our make up should change as well.  We all have our favorite brands for make up and mositurizers.  In winter, our skin needs a little more moisture.  With make up, it's always best to sample the different shades at the department store, by placing a tab on your wrist, to see how the color blends.  It doesn't do you any good to have a drawer full of make up - if you never wear it.  If you do end up with several make up shades; mix, blend and wear.

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