Does The Dating Game Change After 50

There are those lucky individuals that enjoy the dating process.  This group thrives in the dating world; enjoying first dates, small talk and the possibility of the unknown.  They come off confident, strong, charismatic and appealing.  We envy their ability to market themselves with ease and poise.  If dating were an Olympic sport, they'd win the gold metal everytime.

Then there is my group.  The ones who never liked to date even as teenagers; who were tramatized
by first dates, small talks, bad acme, bad hair and a nervous tick .  We spent hours deciding what to wear on our dates and we sweated the quiet moments when the conversation would lull.  
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Dating Online Statistics...

Apparently race does matter, whether you believe in God or are Atheist does matter an surprisingly, white men are most  likely to respond to Middle Eastern women then any other ethnic group.

Discover more interesting statistics of online dating behaviors....

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AARP's September 2003 survey cited these as the Top Three Complaints of Singles in their 50's:

  1. Dating partners with a lot of baggage - 42%.
  2. Women who become extremely difficult to get along with after a few dates - 28%.
  3. Women who want to get serious too fast - 18%.
  1. Dating partners with a lot of baggage - 35%.
  2. Not having a clue where to meet men and meeting too few new men - 23%.
  3. Overeager men who want to get serious too fast - 21%.
AARP reported in September 2003 dating can be daunting, regardless of a person's age. 

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