Working with a variety of personalities is never easy.  For most of us 50 and over, we've been dealing with co-workers for decades.  Our work place is truly our second home.  We spend more waking hours with our co-workers then we do with our families. Is it any wonder there are so many office affairs? 

The work place can be a rewarding, comfortable environment or it can be a hellish nightmare to navigate.  A lot depends upon management and how management sets the boundaries and tone in the work place. 

When I was first starting out, I had a boss in her middle 50's experiencing a mid-life crisis.  Her husband had recently passed away and she decided at 55 she was still young, vibrant and needed to enjoy life to it's fullest.  She was also jealous of a young 20 year old employee who was receiving the full attention of male co-workers.  Unfortunately, that naive, young co-worker was me.

What I learned from that work experience was this; that bosses have the power to build a positive working environment which encourages workers to perform their duties well, to undermining the entire work force with their own insecurities.  Luckily, the head boss witness what was happening and stopped my boss cold. 

Because I had unwittingly became the bell of the ball, my boss had retaliated against me by demanding I retype letters because the side margin was one space off, or she didn't care for distance between the page header and the day's date.  She would use any excuse to bully and intimidate me.  Since this was my first job, I was trying very hard to please my boss and to perfom my job well.  The fact I couldn't please her caused me great emotional distress.  I began to question my abilities and had thought seriously about quitting my job, which in hindsight, was what she wanted.


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Office Personalities    
Which One Are You?

The Gossip
This person loves to gossip about personal details of co-workers or bosses.  Everyone loves to hear the latest news, until they're the subject of the gossip.  Truth is; no one likes a gossip.

Chatter Bug
This co worker spends their day talking mindlessly and needlessly, making it difficult for other co workers do get their jobs done.  Want to chat? Do it on your coffee break or at lunch time, not during the work day.

The Gripper
This co-worker is always unhappy.  Nothing ever goes as they plan or other co- workers mess up their work.  Stop
complaining!  Do your work and give everyone else a break.

The Credit Stealer
We all know the co-worker who takes credit for a job well done, only it wasn't them who did the job.  Don't be afraid to set the record straight if a credit stealer is taking credit for a job you did. 

The Delegator
The co-worker who figures out away to get everyone else to do their work. Don't get conned.Say you're too, busy with your own work.